Filming of School Shows

Multi-Camera Professional filming of dance and drama school productions, plays, musicals, concerts and other live events with no upfront cost. DVDs from £10.00 each.


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School Show Filming


We offer a risk-free professional video service to schools.

We film school productions, plays, musicals and concerts and produce great DVDs to provide a lasting record of the event. High quality audio is a key feature of all our DVDs and we use three professional HD cameras to achieve results to be proud of.

More information on our school show filming service can be found here

The cost of the filming is covered through the sale of DVDs, the sales price depends on your minimum order:


per disc
  • Minimum Order of 100 Discs
  • Additional Discs £10
  • Multicamera Recording
  • DBS Checked Operators
  • Complimentary DVD
  • DVD Supplied in Library Box
  • Professionally Printed Disc and Sleeve


per disc
  • Minimum Order of 30 Discs
  • Additional Discs £17
  • Multicamera Recording
  • DBS Checked Operators
  • Complimentary DVD
  • DVD Supplied in Library Box
  • Professionally Printed Disc and Sleeve


per disc
  • Minimum Order of 20 Discs
  • Additional Discs £25
  • Multicamera Recording
  • DBS Checked Operators
  • Complimentary DVD
  • DVD Supplied in Library Box
  • Professionally Printed Disc and Sleeve

We would recommend setting your minimum order to about 50% of the children involved in the show.

Prices are per performance.


"Simply wonderful, our children loved watching themselves on the DVD"

Parent Comment - Infant School Christmas production

"I have been given a DVD copy of this recording and I have to say the sound and picture quality is excellent."

Junior School Teacher - Junior School musical

"Thank you for your huge efforts! We were all thrilled to see Friar Tuck from 5000 miles away!"

Parent Comment - Live streaming and filming of a School play


Why should we film our school production?

Children enjoy watching themselves perform and do not otherwise get the chance to see the entire show. Producing a DVD of the show allows the children’s wider family to share in their performance.
A DVD of the performance can alleviate parental concerns over limited tickets for school productions. And many parents tell us they enjoy watching the show without having to worry about filming it, as they can just buy the DVD.

How much does it cost?

Details on our packages can be found on our pricing page

How do I book?

Please call us on 01403 791330 or fill in the contact form.

How much space do you need to film?

Not much! An area of 2m x 2m is ideal for us to set up our equipment but we have squeezed into smaller spaces. We also need access to a 13 amp socket within a reasonable distance.

How long before the performance do you need to set up?

We need access about an hour before the performance. It is fine for other things to be going on while we set up (eg putting out chairs, setting stage, sound checks etc.).

Will we be able to hear the children on the DVDs?

We unobtrusively place professional microphones near to the stage or performance area, to get the best possible sound quality. If the audience can hear the children, you will hear them on the DVDs.

Are all your staff DBS checked?

Yes, all School Video employees have DBS checks.

How do I order DVDs?

Collect orders and monies from your pupils’ parents (using our template order form if you like), then return our simple form to us with your payment. To ensure prompt delivery of the DVDs we suggest starting to take orders prior to the show, with orders closing on the day of recording or the next day.

Can we put our own art work on the cover?

Yes, of course! We suggest using the programme artwork for your DVD cover or another image if you prefer. Many schools choose to use an image drawn by one of the children.

How are the DVDs supplied?

The DVDs are screen printed in black and white with your school name and the production title, and are supplied in hard plastic cases with a colour cover insert which includes your school name, production title, cover picture (if you choose to supply one) and a short blurb for the back (if you choose to supply this).

I have more questions. What do I do now?

Call us on 01403 791330 or fill in the contact form.

Can you stream my school production, so parents who can not attend can watch it live?

Yes, we can. Feedback from parents tells us that they are really pleased to be able to watch the performance live if they are unable to come in person. Our streamed content is secure and only visible to your invited guests with a password. In order for us to stream your show, we need an internet connection and power (we can bring an extension for the internet connection if it is not in the hall or performance space). Please get in touch to discuss your requirements if this is of interest to you.

How it works (our process)

We've worked hard to make our processes simple and speedy.

  • Book your performance with us.
  • Fill in our brief questionnaire to tell us about your show.
  • Contact parents to tell them about the filming and request orders.
  • Collect in orders and monies.
  • We come and film your production.
  • Send us your order and payment.
  • See the smiles on your pupils’ faces as they get their DVDs.

Safeguarding and security

We know safeguarding your students is your top priority. It is ours, too. School Video employees have DBS checks. All video files are stored securely in our dedicated storage facility. No images of your pupils will ever be used by us without your permission.

About Us

School Video is run by Jan James, a former drama teacher with a keen interest in the technical aspects of theatre production, and Daniel James, a sound and video specialist. Between us we have nearly 50 years of relevant experience!

photo of Daniel and Jan James

As a teacher and parent, Jan recognised the need for affordable, high quality recordings of school productions, capturing memories for years to come and allowing families to share in the achievements of their children.


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